YouTuber Gaurav Wasan speaks on Baba ka Dhaba owner’s allegations, here’s what he said


The owner of Delhi eatery Baba Ka Dhaba Kanta Prasad had accused YouTuber-Instagram influencer Gaurav Wasan, who shot their video in October, of misappropriation of funds and also filed a police complaint. Now Gaurav has responded to the allegations of Prasad and said, “we have given him whatever money we got in his name”.

On November 2 (Monday), Prasad had said that Gaurav betrayed the couple and gave an amount of only Rs two lakh. The senior citizen filed a police complaint against the influencer alleging that the YouTuber “intentionally and deliberately shared only his and his family/friends bank details and mobile numbers with the donors and collected a huge amount of donation through different modes of payments i.e bank account/wallets without providing any information to the complainant”.

‘All allegations are baseless and false’: Gaurav Wasan termed the allegations as false and claimed that he had handed over all the money to Prasad. Gaurav said, “All the allegations levelled against me are baseless and false. We have given whatever money we have got in the name of Baba. We got Rs 233,000 by cheque, Rs 1 lakh by NEFT and Rs 45,000 in Paytm.

‘Alleged amount of Rs 25 lakh not true’: Gaurav further said, “Reports and Prasad are claiming that we have received Rs 25 lakh, which is not true. I believe he has been misled by some people. To prove this, I have shared my bank account details and all other relevant evidence, which I had.”

Kanta Prasad: The Baba Ka Dhaba owner also accused Gaurav Wasan of not providing details of the financial transactions to him.

Gaurav betrayed us: Accusing Gaurav of betrayal, Kanta Prasad said, “After pleading for help, he gave the account numbers of his wife, himself and brother. All the money came to them. He never told us who paid how much.”

Did not deposit money in the bank, did not give receipt: Prasad aid that Gaurav had said that he would deposit the money in the bank but did not do it and neither was he given a receipt. “After this, he made a video and asked me to tell people that they should not ask to help him now. Instead, asked me to tell them to help some other person who is in need,” added Prasad.

Gave us only Rs two lakh: Kanta Prasad said, “On the morning of October 25, Sushant asked how much money has come, Gaurav said that Rs 75 thousand rupees have come and not much is known. Gaurav brought a cheque on October 26. I was not there and he came home in the evening. There was a fight between Gaurav and Sushant following which Gaurav’s brother raised his hand on Sushant and then gave us a cheque of Rs 2 lakh.”

How did he know the amount when his account was sealed: Prasad further said that Gaurav had stated that his bank account got sealed, but Rs 20 lakh have come. “When the account was sealed, how did he know how much money came. All the money came in his wife and brother’s account,” added Prasad.

“We received the complaint yesterday at the Malviya Nagar Police Station and the matter is being probed. No FIR has been registered yet in the case,” Atul Kumar Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), said.

Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi, in their 80s, shot to fame after Gaurav Wasan shared their plight on social media in October. The video, which went crazy viral within no time, captured the struggles of the couple since the lockdown. A tear-eyed Kanta Prasad said that it was difficult for him to make ends meet due to the lack of customers at his joint. 

As he narrated his ordeal, the old couple’s story touched millions and people thronged outside Baba Ka Dhaba in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, than it had seen in 30 years of being in business, to help him by having a meal at the eatery.

A day after the heartbreaking video, #BabaKaDhaba trended big time on social media.

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