Young and visionary social activist Shreyash Kumar steps in the field of sustainable development


Shreyash Kumar born in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India is a 20-year-old Dynamic youth leader who wants to reform the world by the concept of sustainable development. Shreyash is the member of the International organisation for sustainable development (IOSD), Washington, USA & serving currently as the national executive chairman of a social activist group Divine Magnitude Organization which is operating in various states.

Shreyash has been honoured with satyagraha to Swaraj certificate and has also received a Corona warrior award from Gopal Shetty, hon’ble member of parliament, North Mumbai for his extraordinary services during the lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic. At the age of 20, he is emerging as a strong youth philanthropist & dedicating his life towards society.

Talking about his works there had been two major tree plantation drives, one done in the state of Jharkhand and other done in the state of Gujarat under the leadership of Shreyash.

Kumar. During the lockdown period, his team helped various migrant workers who were suffering in Mumbai, organised community kitchens, COVID-19 awareness drives. Similarly, there also have been many drives initiated like winter drives, corona safety kits distribution etc under his leadership in various parts of the country.

While having involvement in these activities, Kumar is now dedicating himself towards sustainable development. He is emphasising on tree plantation drives throughout the country with a popular slogan “climate change knows no borders”.

He is planning to launch a solar panel installation project at a large scale in the upcoming days. In addition to this, he is working on a project for installing solar trees in rural areas of Jharkhand which is the latest and efficient technology for generating power. Shreyash believes that this technology has a direct impact on present infrastructure as solar trees are based on a single pillar concept and can act as a functional power generator which can be placed in complex and compact regions. Also, the people there can have a basic power supply without interruption.

Mr Kumar states that “Once a great man said, The best way to predict the future is to create it, by following this line I want to establish a strong relationship between the youth and sustainable development”. He added, “Youths have the potential to overcome any challenges through their will power and togetherness. So it’s time to rise and make the society a wonderful place to live in “.

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