This Diwali is special as I finally get to meet my mother after 8 months: Manushi Chhillar


New Delhi: Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar, who will debut in YRF’s biggest historical Prithviraj and star opposite Akshay Kumar, is thrilled that she will be celebrating Diwali home. 

Her mother, doctor Neelam Chhillar was in Delhi working through the coronavirus pandemic and Manushi couldn’t get to meet her at all. The Chhillar family will finally come together again this festive season as her mother has flown down to Mumbai for Diwali.

Manushi discloses, “It is definitely a super special Diwali for me and our family this year. Diwali is all about celebrating with your loved ones. My family is my biggest anchor and Diwali for me has always been about being grateful for the unconditional love that they shower on me. So, for me, this Diwali became all the more special because I finally got to meet my mother after 8 months.”

The gorgeous actress adds, “My mother was working in Delhi and then coronavirus hit our country and she had to stay in Delhi and work through the pandemic. We were on video calls every single day and missing each other terribly but I respect her all the more because she chose to do her duty for the nation, her fellow citizens and I couldn’t be prouder. She inspires me.”

Manushi says she is super happy for her father, doctor Mitra Basu Chhillar, who she knows has missed his wife dearly. She says, “I’m super happy for my dad too because I know he has missed his wife terribly! I’m thrilled and so overwhelmed to meet her and be a complete family again after all these months. I have missed her hugs and pampering. I have missed her smile and her calming presence. I’m truly grateful to God for reuniting our family in Diwali. It’s the best thing to have happened in 2020 for me.”

Manushi, who won the Miss World crown 17 years after Priyanka Chopra made India proud on the world stage, adds, “I’m going to cherish every moment with my mother and our family before I start shooting again. It’s going to be a very hectic next few months and I’m looking forward to my work commitments after this festive season.”


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